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  • Currently in Miami — November 9, 2023: Mainly sunny, minimal rain chance

Currently in Miami — November 9, 2023: Mainly sunny, minimal rain chance

Plus, California is now drought-free for the first time in years.

Pleasant humidity levels even though temperatures will rise

The weather, currently

More of the same on Thursday in South Florida as this vast high-pressure system persists over the eastern United States. The atmosphere will remain dry over all of Florida, although it will be partly cloudy, similar to how it was on Wednesday. This will present the slightest chance of an isolated shower or two, particularly along the coast as we saw on Wednesday. Of note is that fog will be possible before sunrise as moisture near the surface condenses at the lowest temperatures of the night, which will be in the upper 60s inland. Highs on Thursday will be in the mid-80s.

El tiempo, actualmente.

Más de lo mismo el jueves en el sur de Florida mientras este vasto sistema de alta presión persiste sobre el este de los Estados Unidos. La atmósfera permanecerá seca en toda Florida, aunque estará parcialmente nublado, similar a como estuvo el miércoles. Esto presentará la más mínima posibilidad de aguaceros aislados, particularmente a lo largo de la costa como ocurrió el miércoles. Es de destacar que será posible que haya niebla antes del amanecer, ya que la humedad cerca de la superficie se condensa con las temperaturas más bajas de la noche que estarán en el rango alto de los 60 grados en el interior. Las máximas del jueves estarán en los rangos medio a alto de los 80.

What you need to know, currently.

According to the latest US drought monitor, California is now entirely drought-free for the first time since early 2020 — thanks to a series of beneficial rains brought in part by Hurricane Hilary and a growing El Niño.

Almost every major lake and reservoir in the state is currently filled higher than normal — a rarity for California in this era of megadrought. Some areas of the Sierra Nevada mountain range are more than 20 inches ahead in 2023 alone. The state also made it through peak wildfire season with hardly any major threats, thanks mostly to the wet soil.

In fact, state officials have begun to release extra capacity from California reservoirs to hold heavy rains that might come with El Niño this winter. The first potential atmospheric river of the season could arrive as early as this weekend.

What you can do, currently.

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